Setting up HCE

Mar 20, 2007 at 10:52 PM
Edited Mar 20, 2007 at 10:58 PM
scharada wrote on Mar 15 at 4:06 AM

I have downloaded and installed HCE to trey... Although the idea is great, i have to say that the packaged solution is really hard to setup. we have to guess what needs to be setup first, the use of each package ...... the setup keeps asking for the engine address and user id .... where to find it ? does it create one ? what configuration ? not obvious at all.... For the sake of the demo, it would be easier to automate the process to create a full setup of the components in the right sequence. Then comes the problem of the guidance package required. I am not sure why we have to use the may 2005 package when the latest is installed. if some files are required, please point them out and let's see if we can go around that. Uninstalling the lates guidance is really something i would not advice anybody to do specially if used by other apps. Although the i was so curious to HCE to work, i have tried to set it up on different pc and still had problems installing the may 2005 package..... Any comments are realy apreciated.

Hi scharada,

I just moved your comment from the home page so we can have other people contributing here. I will try to break your questions down in two:

1) Setting up HCE - You didn't mention if you also downloaded the Deployment Guide that comes with the solution. Because of the inherent complexity of the scenario, the best way to get everything properly setup is following the Deployment Guide. I have some of the developers that weren't involved in this project following the steps there and everything went "fairly smooth". :-) Take a quick look in the Issue Tracker if you're downloading the to find the only work around needed on the Deployment Guide at this stage. I'm planning to fix the documentation and release it again soon. But following your idea of having a single setup for everything, we could have a Virtual Machine with all the components setup properly as an optional download.

2) About the Guidance Package - I'm assuming that you're Microsoft Guidance Toolkit. Could you please send me more information about where did you find this reference? I'm not aware of the MS Guidance Toolkit as being a pre-requisite.

Cheers, Wagner.